• Tincture Batch info CL23

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  • Capsule Batch CJ34

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    BATCH# CJ34

    PRODUCT NAME: 25 MG Capsules                                    SERVING SIZE: 0.38 g



     POTENCY                                              PER SERVING                      PER GRAM             REGULATORY ACTION LEVEL


    Cannabidiol(CBD)                                     25.7mg                                 67.5mg/g                        N/A

    Total THC                                                    0.695mg                              1.83mg/g                        3 mg/g

    Cannabigerol(CBG)                                   0.429mg                               1.13mg/g                        N/A

    Cannabinol(CBN)                                       0.0866mg                             0.228mg/g                     N/A

    Cannabichromene(CBC)                          1.09mg                                   2.88mg/g                       N/A

    Tetrahydrocannabinolic Acid(THCA)      <LOQmg                                <LOQmg/g                     N/A

    Delta-9-THC(d9-THC)                                0.695mg                                 1.83mg/g                       N/A

    Delta-8-THC(d8-THC)                                 <LOQmg                                 <LOQmg/g                    N/A


    HEAVY METALS                                        PER SERVING                    PER GRAM          REGULATORY ACTION LEVEL


    Arsenic                                                        <LOQug                            <LOQug/g                    10 ug/day

    Cadmium                                                   <LOQmg                            <LOQug/g                    4.1 ug/day

    Lead                                                            <LOQmg                             <LOQug/g                    3.5 ug/day

    Mercury                                                       <LOQmg                            >LOQug/g                       2 ug/day


    PESTICIDES                                                                                                                  REGULATORY ACTION LEVEL


    None of the 59 pesticides tested found above limit of detection in sample               10 ppb



    None of the residual solvents tested found above limit of quantitation in the sample


    MICROBIAL                                                    PASS/FAIL

    Yeast/Mold                                                      pass

    Coliform                                                           pass

    Water Activity                                                  pass


    TERPENES                                                 % OF SAMPLE

    Farnesene                                                      10.3

    B-Caryophyllene                                            39.1

    a-Bisabolol                                                      7.12

    Guaiol                                                               0

    Humulene                                                        7.85

    Caryophyllene Oxide                                     7.54




  • How to Choose the Right CBD Oil

    How to Choose the Right CBD Oil


    Feb 28, 2020

    The popularity of CBD continues to grow, and with this comes more products on the market and a greater chance of purchasing a product of questionable quality. Good marketing does not equal quality CBD.

    Hemp oil is not CBD and does not offer the medicinal value of true CBD.

    Unfortunately, the natural supplement market is not regulated by the FDA, which enables unethical marketing and business tactics among opportunistic companies.

    All CBD products you are considering to purchase should have a batch number with a QR code and/or a website where you can directly access the test results of that particular batch of CBD in the bottle. There are a number of products out there that offer this feature, however the information is strictly for marketing purposes and is not valid. 

    Be sure to view these test results. They should not be difficult to understand. You should be able to view the amount of CBD per milliliter (ml) and the quantities of heavy metals and pesticides in the product.

    Also included with the test results should be the laboratory where the product was tested so the validity of the information can be verified. A simple Google search should quickly verify the existence of the laboratory. 

    The careful consumer will find with many CBD products that verifying the truth of what is on the label is much more difficult than it should be. There’s a simple reason for this: What’s on the label is not what’s in the bottle. Investigations into the quality of several CBD products by independent parties has found that the quantity of CBD was much lower than the claims on the label. This is unfortunate but will continue to be the case so it’s important for consumers to be vigilant when choosing a CBD product.

    In doing our own research into the world of CBD we’ve found few products to be of the high quality and reliability they claim to be. Be sure to be cautious when choosing a CBD product. For more information about CBD, click here

  • Batch B137

    Batch B137


    Jan 21, 2020

    Quite Simply CBD

    Batch : BI37


    Pixis Labs   Accreditation number: OR100028

    Serving Size: 50ml



    Cannabidiol(CBD)       51.8 mg/serving          55.7 mg/g                   N/A

    Total THC                     2.05 mg/serving            2.21 mg/g                 3 mg/g

    Cannabigerol(CBG)     1.26 mg/serving            1.36 mg/g                  N/A

    Cannabinol(CBN)        0.128 mg/serving          0.138 mg/g                N/A

    Cannabichromene     2.42 mg/serving             2.60 mg/g                   N/A



    Heavy Metals                   Per Serving      Regulatory Action Level

    Arsenic                                                      <LOQ                                               10ug/day

    Cadium                                                      <LOQ                                               4.1ug/day

    Lead                                                           <LOQ                                               3.5ug/day

    Mercury                                                    <LOQ                                               2ug/day


    Pesticides                                                     Regulatory Action Level

    None of the 59 pesticides tested found above limit of detection in the sample.




    Residual Solvents    Per Serving   Class  Regulatory Action Level

    Ethanol                                      <LOQ PPM/serving         3                          5000 ppm/day

    Methanol                                  <LOQ PPM/serving         3                          3000 ppm/day

    Isopropanol                              <LOQ PPM/serving         3                          5000 ppm/day

    Pentane                                     <LOQ PPM/serving         3                          5000 ppm/day





    Analyte                 Result                  CBD-Total          THC-Total  

    CBD                                         51.8 mg/ 1ml                     51.8 mg/1ml                 2.05 mg/1ml


    Residual Solvents:

    All analyses passing and less than LOQ (Limit of Quantitation)



    All analyses passing and less than LOQ (Limit of Quantitation)



    Less than LOQ (Limit of Quantitation) for all analyses


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